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A NUE Fabric Launching

A NUE Fabric Launching

We can't quite believe it's been three months since we launched, and we've been blown away by the support for the brand. 

Behind the scenes we've been working on developing two new styles, No. 7 - Crop Top Bra and No. 8 - High Rise Brief, crafted from TINTEX recycled polyester with branded elastic for that ultimate RENUE comfort. 

These two new shapes were designed as a more sporty style, so it was important to find a fabric that worked with this objective in mind. 

We wanted to find a high performing, technical fabric that still offered maximum comfort. TINTEX is a global leader in sustainable fabric solutions, known for its development of high quality fabrics. They use the latest equipments and processes and specialise in dyeing and finishing techniques making the fabric a truly sustainable and circular substitute.

Our TINTEX fabric is made from 90% Recycled Polyester and 10% Elastane using recycled consumer waste therefore diverting plastic away from landfill. Lightweight, sumptuously soft and high performing, this technical fabric moves with the body so it feels like second skin. The perfect partner for our sportier styles. 

Furthermore they are based in Porto, Portugal so our footprint from yarn to fabric to factory is minimal. 

We hope you enjoy our NUE styles!