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The NUE Naked

The NUE Naked

Wear clothes that matter. 

There are few things as personal as the underwear you wear. It starts our day with us; so it should not only be the most comfortable, but also make us feel our most confident. 

And for underwear to act as a second skin, it must also ideally reflect our values. But what should you look for when finding that perfect sustainable underwear. 

For us, it was threefold. 

1) Fabrics 

It’s important our underwear is made from natural materials that are renewable and biodegradable and have a limited environmental impact. These materials are against your skin all day, so you want something that’s natural and breathable rather than synthetic, man made fibres. 

2) Transparency 

We cannot tackle the environmental crisis without transparency and traceability, making companies take responsibility for their entire supply chain. At RENUE we are focused on bringing our supply chain to life for our community. We choose to work with a SMETA audited factory, with 100% female workforce and a focus on fair labour practices, wages, and treatment of staff. 

3) Footprint 

It’s all very well creating sustainable clothing but if it’s being shipped all over the world adding even more carbon emissions to the planet then it neglects everything you stand for. That’s why we were relentless in making our underwear as close to home as possible. At RENUE we have sourced our fabric and manufacturing all within a matter of miles from each other so we can confidently reduce our footprint, and really focus on what’s important. 

We want to take you on our journey, a journey to a NUE Naked.